Flexible solutions to variable needs


1. Foundation

Foundation of the ScanHomes house is in normal case concrete floor with added reinforcements for walls 

4. Fastening windows, doors etc

Window and doorframes are attached as well as electricity and other sub-surface installations. 

Window and door frames are conventional. 

Galvanized steel wire netting is stretched on both sides of the wall frame and walls are surface coated with plastering. (Optinal) 

2. Frame

The wall structure is based on a wooden or metal frame with nail fastenings. Timber is cut-to length and insect protected according to local regulations.  

5. Plastering 

Plastering is normal local plastering. If possible, it would be a good idea to do it twice.​ Houses and homes can be painted as any house to look perfect! 

3. Casting the wall

Light weight molds are attached to the frame on both sides Walls are molded with a light weight concrete based on : light-weight aggregate, cement, sand and water. 

6. Roofing plates, ceilings etc

Last we put roofing plates, ceilings and partition walls (conventional).

Heating, water supply, ventilation, electricity installations, etc. are realized according to local requirements when possible with local products.