ScanHomes Oy

Affordable homes for developing countries

About us

Scanhomes Ltd. has invented a technology which is provides a sustainable housing solution to its clients. Our concept offers to contractor and area builder way to build simple, quickly, and economically - with local people - high quality houses, schools, and clinics.

Our vision is to be a competitive and respected alternative for housing sector environmentally friendly social houses worldwide.

The system is most suitable for serial production enabling fast production. House amounts can be from few hundred up to tens of thousands of houses. Check out our references!  

Our products and services

Adaptable house design

 Our solution can be adjusted to many different types of houses. Please ask more information from our customer service.  

Training services

ScanHomes Ltd's personnel gives training before construction work and helps to start project and site in agreed extension. 

Project managment

Our personnel will work together with clients and supervise the project to meet all the required standards.