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Affordable quality houses


We have supplied durable and cost efficiency houses to Africa, South-America and Finland. The houses has adjusted customer demands in each building suite.

The construction method is called ScanConcept and we utilize our own experience as well as local manpower. Typical house size is abt. 40 m2 , but the system has been utilized to built bigger buildings like schools as well.

Construction materials are local with the exception of a few essential good, which are imported.

The system is most suitable for serial production enabling fast production. House amounts can be from few hundred up to tens of thousands of houses.

Local manpower

Construction work is executed entirely by local work force.

ScanHomes Ltd's personnel gives required training before construction work and helps to start project and site in agreed extension. Local work force is responsible for actual construction work and completes the project after receiving training and guidance.

All the construction components are of local production, when possible.

Simpe construction enable
usage of local manpower

Patented method

Licensing agreement and/or material deliveries – quality houses

Flexible delivery arrangements

For ScanHomes Partnership we offer alternative solutions flexible to be adjusted to variable needs and requirements of our Partner companies and their local markets.

  1. Licensing Agreement with Technology Transfer Package
    1. ScanHomes grants the Partner full and exclusive rights to use ScanConcept and ScanHomes trademarks in the sales and marketing, construction and delivery of affordable SH Houses.
    2. ScanHomes supplies the Partner all technical information, including drawings, construction instructions, bills of quantities etc. and renders such technical assistance as the Partner may reasonably require to enable the Partner in the sales & marketing and implementation of low-cost housing projects using ScanConcept.
    3. For project supervision and implementation of technology transfer ScanHomes places to the Partner’s disposal, depending on the extent of the construction project, two or three highly qualified and experienced project managers.
  2. Licensing Agreement and supply of Construction Materials and Components, assistance in the material procurement.

ScanHomes house consist of the following parts

  1. Foundation of the ScanHomes house is an even concrete floor with added reinforcements for walls
  2. The wall structure is based on a wooden frame with nail fastenings. Timber is cut-to length and insect protected according to local regulations. Light weight moulds are attached to the frame on both sides Walls are moulded with a light weight concrete based on Leca-grains: light-weight aggregate (Leca™), cement, sand and water.
  3. Window and doorframes are attached as well as electricity and other sub-surface installations. Window and door frames are conventional.
  4. Galvanized steel wire netting is stretched on both sides of the wall frame and walls are surface coated with plastering.
  5. Roofing plates, ceilings and partition walls (conventional)
  6. Biolan Composting Toilet (convertional)

ScanConcept benefits

  1. The project can be designed according to the needs of the client
  2. The format, the size, the materials and the architecture can be modified according to the local requirements and climate conditions
  3. The house structures take into account the seismic requirements in zones where necessary
  4. The construction work is based on serial production and does not require special tools or equipment
  5. The construction process can be made by the village residents as auto construction
  6. The houses are of high quality and low cost

  • efficiently composts the solid waste
  • composts also household biowaste
  • collects the seep liquid
  • thermo-insulated construction
  • natural ventilation
  • odourless and comfortable to use
  • durable thermal seat
  • easy-to-clean surfaces
  • convenient and odourless emptying
  • long emptying intervals

Biolan Composting Toilet

Partners -
supporting ScanHomes houses

  • Maxit
    • LecaTM Lightweight aggregate
    • Leca® LWA aggregate is a granular material made from clay, which is expanded at high temperature

  • IntLog Oy
    • Logistic and repairs service, specially for crises areas world wide
  • Biolan
    • Composting Toilet has a closed, environmentally friendly design